Jan Ludvík


In Czech Philharmonic
since August 1977

Image jan-ludvík.jpg

He was born to a family of musicians and fondly remembers the performances of his father, a great violinist and member of the Czech Philharmonic. He was drawn to music thanks to the music school in Voršilská Street in Prague and respect-arousing Professor Jan Faust. He studied at the Prague Conservatory with Professor Markéta Morenová and gratefully remembers chamber music Professor Viktor Moučka, who supervised the piano trio he played in alongside cellist František Host and pianist Martin Ballý, as well as Professor Libor Hlaváček, who chose him as the concertmaster of the Conservatory’s symphonic and chamber orchestras.

He joined the Czech Philharmonic after two years in the Military Artistic Ensemble where he completed the compulsory military service. From among the conductors he has collaborated with, he particularly remembers Rafael Kubelík, the technical and artistic contribution of Professor Gerd Albrecht, his sense for the tectonics and emphasis on the dramatic effect of the performed piece, and he treasures the memory of Jiří Bělohlávek, who managed to give his era a deep human dimension besides his never-ending strive for a constant artistic growth. He also appreciates the absolute interpretation perfectionism of current chief conductor Semyon Bychkov and believes that he opens the door to world stages for the orchestra.

He plays 1997 violin Mitico made by his friend, Czech violin maker Jan Hus Bursík.