Libor Vilímec


In Czech Philharmonic
since October 2014

Also plays in
Haydn Ensemble
Tre Violini
Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra
Harmonia Praga
Divertimento Quartet
Rudolphin Ensemble Prague

Image libor-vilímec.jpg

Libor Vilímec is a member of the Czech Philharmonic and performs chamber music in a number of significant Czech ensembles in addition to his symphonic career.

In his hometown of Mladá Boleslav, he learned to play the violin at a young age under the guidance of his grandfather, Josef Novák, a well-known Czech music educator. Thanks to their collaboratively thorough effort, he was able to continue his violin studies at the Prague Conservatory in the class of Professor Jitka Nováková and afterwards at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts with Professor Pavel Hůla. His one-year internship with the renowned violinist Ivan Ženatý at the Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber in Dresden was a crucial component of his University studies. Thanks to this experience, he was able to join in and successfully complete the two-year Czech Philharmonic Orchestral Academy programme (2012-2014).
He also took part in a number of masterclasses and seminars while he was a student, learning from world-famous violinists including Ruggiero Ricci, Ida Haendel, Semyon Jaroshevich, and others. Additionally, he was member of the TalichChamber Orchestra at the time, a significant Czech music ensemble.

Currently, he is the concertmaster of the Prague Haydn Ensemble, a chambre orchestra that specializes in early music. In addition, he performs with the Prague Chamber Soloists, one of the oldest string orchestras in the Czech Republic, which was established by the eminent conductor Václav Neumann. Additionally, he participates in a number of chamber ensembles, the majority of which are composed of the Czech Philharmonic musicians, including the Piano Quintet of the Czech Philharmonic, the Sextet of the Czech Philharmonic Musicians, and the Tre violini family violin trio. He also performs with the ensemble Czech ROCKharmonic, which specializes in lighter musical styles.

Libor Vilímec has been a member of the second violin section of the Czech Philharmonic, now under the direction of chief conductor Semyon Bychkov, since 2014. He acted as the second violin group's deputy leader for three years, first under the direction of the orchestra's then-chief conductorJiří Bělohlávek and later under Semyon Bychkov.