Jiří Ševčík


In Czech Philharmonic
since January 1996

Image jiří-ševčík.jpg

He started playing the violin at the age of six and soon began to study with Professor Jiří Bezděkovský, an emeritus concertmaster of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra. Aged 11, he started attending private lessons with Professor Jaroslav Foltýn from the Prague Conservatory. In the last year of his conservatory studies, he joined the class of Pavel Kudelásek. When only 20 years old, being the youngest applicant, he won the auditions to the Prague Chamber Philharmonic and the Czech Philharmonic. Already a member of the Czech Philharmonic, he attended private classes with Professor Nora Grumlíková from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague for three years.

He has collaborated with PKF – Prague Philharmonia, the Czech National Theatre Orchestra and the prestigious chamber ensemble L’armonia Terrena. He annually teaches at the international chamber and orchestral courses Ameropa in Prague. Together with the Czech Student Philharmonic, he participates in Ida Kelarová’s project which aims at helping Roma children and involves them in music-making. He has been playing with the Čhavorenge Roma ensemble for a number of years, attending their Summer camps as well as tours both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

He has chaired a charitable non-profit organisation which takes care of the cultural heritage in Svatý Jan pod Skalou village west of Prague. He organises classical music concerts and is a keen writer (he has already published six books on the history and modern times in Svatý Jan pod Skalou and the surrounding natural reserve Český kras). In his free time, he studies local history and likes to take photographs in the nature. As a student mathematics competition laureate, he was not sure whether to continue with the violin or pursue sciences and having chosen a musical career, he still enjoys natural sciences as a hobby. He has been interested in computer graphics since the age of 14. He is one of the founders and main donors of the Museum in Svatý Ján pod Skalou. He likes to spend his free time relaxing in his flower and vegetable garden or in his joiner’s shop. He enjoys hiking, fishing, cycling and beekeeping.