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We strive for the best possible promotion of Czech classical music at home and around the world and through a number of public benefit activities we fulfill the belief that music can change people's lives for the better.
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How the audition is going

Selection of audition participants

From the applications received, the audition committee will select musicians with the appropriate level of performance, experience and education and send them an invitation to audition.

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1st round

The first round is anonymous ("behind a curtain") and elimination. It consists of:

  1. playing the mandatory solo pieces,
  2. playing pre-announced orchestral parts.

Candidates who receive more than half of the affirmative votes in the voting of the members of the Commission will advance to the second round. Voting is in the form of a YES-NO vote.

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2nd round

The second non-anonymous round consists of
1. playing the mandatory solo pieces
2. the playing of pre-announced orchestral parts,
3. where appropriate, the playing of orchestral parts not announced in advance.

The second round is scored by the members of the Commission on a scale of 0 to 100 points. To pass the audition it is necessary to obtain an audition mark of 80 or higher. The winner of the audition is the candidate who, after all the points have been added together, obtains the highest audition mark, unless a third round is still in progress.

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(3rd round optional)

A possible third round - to be decided by the audition committee - consists of the performance of two concert programmes by each advancing candidate. After all the concert programmes have been performed, the entire audition committee votes on the winner, who is then given a fixed-term contract of one year ('waiting period'). 

At the end of the waiting period, the orchestra members vote on whether the player will be hired on a permanent contract. For this to happen, the consent of at least 80% of those eligible to vote is required.

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