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Czech Philharmonic

Alšovo nábřeží 79/12
110 00 Prague 1
Tel.: +420 778 532 539 (Customer Service)
E-mail: info(zavinac)

Photo illustrating page  Kontaktní informace České filharmonie

Concerts cancelled, Ticket Office closed

Following the Czech government regulation in relation to the coronavirus outbreak, we have to cancel all concerts from 18.00 on Tuesday 10th March until Sunday 29th April. This affects all concerts without exceptions. Due to the state of emergency, the Rudolfinum Ticket Office will be closed from Saturday 14th March.

We offer refunds for single tickets purchased for the Czech Philharmonic and Czech Chamber Music Society Concerts. We will refund subscription tickets once the restrictions are lifted and the total number of cancelled concerts is calculated. All other concert organisers have their own refund policy.

  • Tickets purchased in the Rudolfinum Ticket Office are to be returned there once the Ticket Office reopens.
  • Tickets paid via bank transfer (invoice or booking through the Customer Service) will be refunded via bank transfer following a written request sent to info(zavinac)
  • Tickets purchased online on the Czech Philharmonic website will be refunded automatically to the card used for the payment.
  • For tickets bought through Colosseum Ticket, please contact them to claim the refund.

You can claim the refund until 30th June 2020.

Support Us

Due to the state of emergency and subsequent concert cancellations, the Czech Philharmonic finds itself in a difficult situation. The estimated losses for cancelled concerts and renting of the Rudolfinum will reach millions of crowns. Now more than ever, we will thus be very grateful for your support.

If you decide to help us, you can choose one of the following options:

Give up your refund for the tickets to cancelled concerts (single tickets or adequate amount from the subscription tickets).

For more information please contact the Customer Service at info(zavinac) or +420 778 532 539.


Czech Philharmonic
Alšovo nábřeží 79/12
110 00 Prague 1
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Tel.: +420 778 532 539 (Customer Service)
E-mail: info(zavinac)

Box Office

The box office is located in the Rudolfinum building - Alšovo nábřeží 12, Prague 1. Entrance is from 17. listopadu street (wheelchair accessible).

Box Office Opening Hours
Workdays at 10 a.m.–6 p.m. / July, August 10 a.m.–3 p.m.

  • On concert days of the Czech Philharmonic and CCMS until the beginning of the performance.
  • In case of morning concerts on weekdays the box office is open one hour before the concert.
  • During weekends and public holidays the box office is open until one hour before the beginning in case of evening performances.

For chamber concerts in Suk hall is open ticket office in the ceremony hall of Rudolfinum 2 p.m.–6 p.m. (2.30 p.m.–7 p.m. if the concert starts at 7 p.m.). (entrance to the Galerie Rudolfinum from the river Vltava).

Customer Service

Customer Service will provide you will all information about tickets available at the Czech Philharmonic ticket office in the Rudolfinum – to concerts of the Czech Philharmonic, the Czech Chamber Music Society, and selected external presenters.

Customer Service Office Hours

  • Weekdays from 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. / July, August from 09:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m.
  • On concert days of the Czech Philharmonic until the beginning of the performance (only on weekdays).

Entrance to concerts and educational programmes

  • You can access the Dvořák Hall (main auditorium) via the main entrance from Jan Palach Square.
  • You can access the Suk Hall via the entrance from Alšovo nábřeží (entrance to the Galerie Rudoflinum).

Entrance to Galerie Rudolfinum, Cafe Rudolfinum and Ceremony Hall

  • You can access Galerie Rudolfinum, Cafe Rudolfinum and Ceremony Hall via the entrance from Alšovo nábřeží. Find out more about the Rudolfinum building at

Staff and guest entrace

  • The staff entrance from Alšovo nábřeží is reserved for staff members and guests only.


  • Parking is available at the underground parking facility on Jan Palach Square, tel.: +420 222 328 687. The facility is not part of the Rudolfinum premises.

Handicapped access, access for the visually impaired

  • Wheelchair seating is available at the ends of the first row of the parterre in both Dvořák Hall and Suk Hall.
  • Dvořák Hall can be accessed by an elevator located by the ticket office (entrance from the street 17. listopadu). This access is open one hour before the start of a concert; before Preludes to evening subscription concerts it opens at 6 p. m.
  • There is also an indoor staircase with a rail, leading up from the ticket office area. The elevator can be accessed also from the underground parking lot.
  • Suk Hall can be accessed by an elevator located next to the entrance to the Rudolfinum Gallery from Aleš Embankment (Alšovo nábřeží).
  • The visually impaired are permitted to enter the hall with their lead dog. If you have difficulties ascending the staircase to the balcony, please ask our personnel for assistance.

Getting here

  • The box office is located in the Rudolfinum building - Alšovo nábřeží 12, Prague 1. Entrance is from 17. listopadu street (wheelchair accessible). 
  • When travelling by public transport, get off at the Staroměstská metro station (Line A), tram stop (trams nos. 2, 17, 18 and 53) or bus stop (nos. 194 and 207).
Rudolfinum entrances




David Mareček / CEO

CEO's office

Hana Barylová (head of office)

+420 227 059 201


Helena Doksanská (assistant)

+420 227 059 311

General Manager

Robert Hanč

+420 227 059 221


Assistant to General Manager (requests in Czech)

Blanka Löblová

Assistant to General Manager (requests in English)

Alexandra Cetlová

Finance Director

Ondřej H. Matyáš

+420 227 059 206


Marketing & Business Development

Michal Medek

Tel.: +420 227 059 232

Concerts and Projects

Concerts and Projects in Prague

Anna Moravcová (head)

+420 227 059 225



Alena Kopečná

+420 227 059 379

Alexandra Cetlová

Blanka Löblová

+420 227 059 246

Tours and projects

Alžběta Lupíšková (head)

+420 227 059 345


Tatiana Čudová

+420 227 059 243

Barbora Vilímová

+420 227 059 243


Recording projects

Vojtěch Šafařík (head)

+420 227 059 224



Czech Chamber Music Society

Bohumil Antony

+420 227 059 269



Music Library

Pavlína Landová (head)

+420 227 059 265


Education Programmes

Petr Kadlec (head)

+420 227 059 222


Jindra Křivonosková (produkce a vstupenky pro školy)

+420 227 059 222

Alena Altmanová (produkce a koordinace)

+420 227 059 262


Andrea Čapková (produkce a koordinace)

+420 227 059 321

Daniela Dvořáčková

+420 227 059 321


Josefina Smolková

+420 227 059 262

Irena Záhorská

+420 227 059 262


Leona Hornová

+420 227 059 222




Alena Špačková (head)

+420 227 059 244

Ilona Lajdová

+420 227 059 290

Simona Tomanová

+420 227 059 207

Recording Studio

Oldřich Slezák (head)

+420 227 059 284


Luděk Březina (PR manager)

+420 736 605 620

Lucie Maňourová 

+420 606 616 531

Lenka Čápová

+420 737 463 568

Tereza Šindlerová

+420 720 546 402

Filip Tomášek (partnership, sponsorship)

Jakub Kožíšek

+420 227 059 351


IS/IT / Estate Management / Finance Department


Jiří Bělohradský (head)

+420 227 059 355

Estate Management

Leoš Drábek (head)

+420 227 059 356

Finance Department

Kateřina Žáková (head)

+420 227 059 209

Department of Investments

Lukáš Duchek (head)

+420 227 059 272

Radomír Stöhr

+420 227 059 202


Cyril Prudík (main control room)

+420 227 059 250 / +420 227 059 251

Jitka Herčíková

+420 776 628 099 
Úřední deska

Bulletin Board

Bank accounts and other documentation relating to the institution’s operations and finances



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