Long-Term Projects

We want to help all those we work with and care for in our educational programs - whether they are student musicians, children and teachers from all types of schools, or Roma youth - to develop a long-term relationship with music and to find meaning and joy in life through music.

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Orchestral Academy

The Czech Philharmonic, like other leading orchestras around the world, takes interest in educating the next generations of top musicians who may join its ranks in the future. The most promising talents may taste all the challenges of a professional musical career as full members of the Czech Philharmonic.

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Czech Youth Philharmonic

We want to give the upcoming generation of musicians–mostly music school students–regular opportunities to rehearse and perform great works of world symphonic and vocal-instrumental music as well as symphonic concertante. Therefore, we build a permanent orchestra in which long-term relationships and understanding can develop between musicians.

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Joint Orchestra of Music School Pupils and the Czech Philharmonic Musicians

The project brings together music school pupils and the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra members. After six months of intensive preparation and overcoming various challenges of musical life, their joint rehearsals culminate in a gala concert in the Dvořák Hall of Rudolfinum.

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Music in Schools

The Music in Schools project aims to support teachers and music education. From the very beginning, it encompasses a journey of love for music, full of peaceful and beautiful moments as well as of complex and conflictual situations from which we try to learn.

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Romano drom

It’s already been a decade since the cooperation between the Czech Philharmonic, singer and choirmaster Ida Kelarova and her Čhavorenge children's choir Čhavorenge began and the project still continues. The purpose of the joint endeavor is to support Roma children and youth not only in their journey to music.

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