Music in Schools

The Music in Schools project is like a journey. We embarked on it in 2017 with the goal of supporting teachers and music education in schools. From the very beginning, the project encompasses a very inspiring journey, a journey of love for music, full of peaceful and beautiful moments as well as complex and conflictual situations from which we try to learn.

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The gatherings, which took place first at Rudolfinum and then moved to eight towns and cities across the Czech Republic (Brno, Hlučín, Hořice, Hradec Králové, Olomouc, Prague, Ústí nad Labem, Velvary), paved a way to creating an open space where teachers may share their teaching experience without fear. They experience first-hand how to make music with children in music lessons, how to play (music and games) together, how to feel and listen to music and how to let it enter our lives.

Gradually, more and more questions opened up in our discussions: how can music support teaching in general? If music in schools was not heard only in Music classes, what other role can it play in education? What role does music play in schools for the formation and cultivation of community?

During the period when it was not possible to meet in person, the activities gradually moved online thanks to many enthusiasts. Such contact spread not only among teachers, but also among lecturers, students, student philharmonic musicians, parents, and children–people started connecting naturally in a new context and over other topics. Even if it didn't happen in person, it was a very important experience for us and an inspiration for the future direction of the project. We felt the need to connect the "school world" with real life even more and we believe that it is through music that this connection can be natural.

We're excited to continue along the path and see where it takes us next season. The original project concept aimed at Music teachers has now turned into more of an initiative that aims to support those who have a deep interest in music, regardless of their profession. Such people see it as a starting point in their work and in their lives. Music is a stable point for them and they want to develop their relationship and interest further as well as to continue learning and inspiring each other together.

As part of the project, the Inspiratorium website was created. Thanks to the great enthusiasm of its founder Jan Kyjovský, it serves all those who look for inspiration for Music lessons.

Gatherings for Preschool Teachers

As part of the Music for Schools project, we open up the space for all those who want to jam with children as early as at a young age. For preschool teachers, and not only for them, we have prepared two gatherings at Rudolfinum.

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