Joint Orchestra of Music School Students

Philharmonic musicians often devote themselves not only to playing, but also to teaching. In a unique project, they also meet music school pupils from all over the country. After six months of intensive preparation and overcoming various challenges of musical life, their joint rehearsals culminate in a gala concert in the Dvořák Hall of Rudolfinum.

Photo illustrating page  Petr Altrichter a společný orchestr žáků ZUŠ a filharmoniků

The joint orchestra keeps forming in cooperation between the Czech Philharmonic and the Association of Art Schools (AZUŠ ČR) since 2014. It is regularly formed by sixty Czech music school pupils whose regions alter and thirty philharmonic musicians. From January to June, they meet for preparatory rehearsals, including the split one.

Guided by experienced conductors such as Ladislav Cigler, Robert Kružík, and Petr Altrichter, the young musicians discover the pitfalls of individual parts, but also experience the excitement of their harmony. The inspiration and experience are drawn from the philharmonic musicians and both groups play in their free time outside of rehearsals.

The project also makes music school teachers, who are an essential support for all young musicians, share their experience and brings them new impulses. The opportunity to hear the philharmonic musicians’ comments on and recommendations of the interpretation and the methods of playing is an inspiration for them as well, as they admit.

"I realized that even top musicians are only human. They are understanding and empathetic even though they are role models. I played something I had never thought I would play. I discovered that music is not just about the right notes, but also about feeling, technique, bowing the strings... and putting a piece of oneself into it."

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Joint Orchestra of Music School Pupils and the Czech Philharmonic Musicians

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Petr Altrichter on the programme

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