Orchestral Academy

The Czech Philharmonic takes a keen interest in educating up-and-coming generations of young musicians, many of whom may, in the future, ascend to its ranks. In the 2012/2013 season, the Czech Philharmonic inaugurated its new Orchestral Academy.

The Academy provides the opportunity for young musicians to enhance their education, and to gain valuable experience with the Czech Republic’s leading orchestra. The Academy is especially suitable for graduates of music performance programmes at the secondary and/or university level. Applicants between the ages of 18 and 26, of any nationality, are welcomed.

The Academy’s emphasis is not only on orchestral playing, but also on development in the field of chamber music, gained through participation in concerts with the Czech Chamber Music Society and the Czech Philharmonic’s education programmes.

The integration of the energy and intelligence of young, gifted musicians into the Czech Philharmonic will undoubtedly contribute to the Orchestra’s continued success. In founding its own Orchestral Academy, the Czech Philharmonic acknowledges the long tradition of high-quality musical education in the Czech Republic, and looks forward to enriching this tradition by fostering new talent.

Members of the Orchestral Academy

Marie Hasoňová / violin

Saaya Kimura / violin

Kateřina Marešová-Jelínková / violin

Veronika Mojzešová / violin

Filip Zaykov / violin

Jan Zrostlík / violin

Anežka Ferencová / viola

Adam Pechočiak / viola

Vilém Petras / cello

Alena Šístková / cello

Danijel Radanovič / double bass

Václav Hoŕák / double bass

Sylvie Schelingerová / flute

Libor Suchý / clarinet

Martina Bálková / bassoon

Magdaléna Klárová / oboe

Kanako Mori / French horn

Jakub Halata / trumpet

David Czech / trombone

Jakub Chmelař / tuba

Štěpán Hon / percussion, timpani

Marcin Drajewicz / percussiontimpani

Chelsea Lane / harp

Isabelle Müller / harp


Students between the ages of 18 and 26 may apply to the Orchestral Academy. New positions are available below in "Auditions". 




First movement of a 19th or 20th century violin concerto (cadenza optional), or an extensive work for violin and orchestra from the same time period.

Audition date: September 4, 2018

ORCHESTRAL EXCERPTS to be announced after the conclusion of the application period on 15th July 2018.


Vaughan Williams: Concerto for Tuba + facultative composition

Audition date: September 4, 2018

ORCHESTRAL EXCERPTS to be announced after the conclusion of the application period on 15th July 2018.


Duration of Academy Courses

Each student participates in Academy life for two concert seasons, each of which is approximately 10 months long, beginning in September and ending in June.

Individual Tuition

Alongside studying orchestral parts and preparing for rehearsals and concerts, students are instructed by the leading musicians of the Czech Philharmonic. Each student receives four hours of individual tuition every month.

Orchestral Training

Students undergo orchestral training during the 10 month duration of each concert season. Experience is gained through artistic participation in up to 80 orchestral activities (including rehearsals, concerts and recording sessions), comprising approximately 10 orchestral projects over the course of 10 weeks. Students will most frequently participate in rehearsals and concerts as part of the Czech Philharmonic’s regular subscription season in Prague.

Chamber Music Training

Students will collaborate with the Czech Chamber Music Society and the Czech Philharmonic’s educational programmes, within which five chamber orchestra performances in which every Academy student will perform.


Students of the Academy receive a scholarship (up to 40,000 CZK/concert season, depending on the number of orchestral activities at which the student participates).


After completing the Academy’s two-year programme, each student will receive a certificate issued by the Czech Philharmonic, recording their graduation from the Orchestral Academy of the Czech Philharmonic.


The Czech Philharmonic cannot provide Academy students with accommodation, or financial assistance for accommodation, or travel expenses. Students are not entitled to receive concert attire or instruments, or extra funding towards these items, from the Czech Philharmonic.


Bohumil Antony

Tel.: +420 227 059 269
E-mail: academy(zavinac)czechphilharmonic.cz