Jaroslav Halíř


In Czech Philharmonic
since January 1996

Also plays in
Czech Philharmonic Jazz Band

He studied in Professor Václav Junek’s class at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. In 1992, he won the 1st prize at the international competition Concertino Praga and was then invited to attend a trumpet seminar of the European Music Academy in Bonn (Germany) with Professor Edward H. Tarr. After that, he succeeded in many other international competitions and started his solo career. He recorded his first solo CD in 1995.

He has been the principal trumpetist of the Czech Philharmonic since 2001 and also appeared as a soloist with the orchestra in compositions by André Jolivet, Josef Matěj and Václav Trojan. He is one of the most sought-after musicians to record contemporary music. He has been a member of the Czech Philharmonic Jazz Band since 2010.

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