The Jungle Book • The unusual cultural adventure for viewers of all ages is back!

This dance-and-music rendition of Rudyard Kipling’s classic novel The Jungle Book was created by the composer Marko Ivanović and stage designer Matěj Forman. The show choreographed by Štěpán Pechar, with Andrea Sodomková’s costume design, was made in collaboration with the Forman Brothers Theatre, DEKKADANCERS and the Czech Philharmonic.

Education programs | Duration of the programme 1 hour 20 minutes | From 6 years


The Jungle Book
A music-dance adaptation



Marko Ivanović / Jan Kučera conductors

Czech Philharmonic

Photo illustrating the event The Jungle Book • The unusual cultural adventure for viewers of all ages is back!

Prague Exhibition Grounds — Azyl78

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The programme will be performed in Czech language. Suitable for children from 6 years.


„The journey following the stories of the jungle has inspired new longing and determination. Our eyes have now grown accustomed to the dark corners of the jungle, but neither do they shirk the bright midday sunshine, revealing the wild beauty under the treetops. We shall go back to the place we have already visited before at a moment of sparkling happiness, but it shall be like the first time. We have to go back. Music, sounds, movement, sweet scents and wildly beautiful images all disappear and re-emerge in front of our eyes. We cannot resist the colourful world of the Jungle Book with its celebration of friendship, theatre, and life under the big top. What we have hoped for has not let us down. We want to revisit and relive it.”

Matěj Forman

Creative team

Marko Ivanović musicMatěj Forman, Marko Ivanović screenplay
Matěj Forman directing & scenography 
Marko Ivanović, Jan Kučera conductors
Štěpán Pechar choreography
Andrea Sodomková masks & costumes
Josef Sodomka poster author & artistic collaboration
Jan Dőrner light design
Jan Středa sound design
Radek Malý poem translations & dramaturgical collaboration
Jatka78 production



Alexander Sadirov, Alžběta Tichá, Florian Garcia, Jonáš Janků, Nikol Šneiderová, Ondřej Vinklát, Sanusi Taofik Ayomide, Michal Pribylinec, Mirek Kosík, Tereza Kučerová, Barbora Müllerová, Natalia Metodijeva, Natálie Paulasová, Albert Kaše