Dress Rehearsals

Public dress rehearsals

In the 125th season, we will offer you nine of the very popular public dress rehearsals. One of the Czech Philharmonic musicians will do a short introduction before each dress rehearsal which is then in the hands of the conductors. They may stop the music at any point and give feedback to the musicians or rehearse selected parts repeatedly.

creased to nine. Each rehearsal will be introduced by a brief address by one of the players of the orchestra. The unfolding of the musical production that follows is entirely in the hands of the conductors. The playing of a piece may be interrupted, and there may be commentary or rehearsing of passages after the piece has been played through. We ask that the public respect the conductor’s demands for rehearsing the works on the programme as needed for the evening concert. Please also give your attention to the information about the advance sale of tickets to public dress rehearsals on the next page.