Photo illustrating the event Music and dance workshops<br>Hej Romale!

Music and dance workshops

Hej Romale!

Czech Philharmonic

This is a unique singing and dancing workshop with singer, choirmaster, and teacher Ida Kelarová and her team of artists.

Education programs
Duration of concert 2 hod
Photo illustrating the event Music and dance workshops<br>Hej Romale!
Rudolfinum — Suk Hall
20 Oct 2020  Tuesday — 9.00am
21 Oct 2020  Wednesday — 9.00am
22 Oct 2020  Thursday — 9.00am
11 Nov 2020  Wednesday — 9.00am

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Music is a universal language that helps promote understanding where words are not enough. Singing and dancing have already helped many members of the Romani children’s choir Čhavorenge to overcome interpersonal barriers and to create room for mutual trust – not only at workshops at the Rudolfinum in Prague, but also at similar gatherings with school children in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and in London. The young singers from Čhavorenge accompany the children and students on a journey of discovery of Romani culture and of the richness of their own hearts. Ida Kelarová, composer and guitarist Desiderius Dužda, and dancer and choreographer Libuša Bachratá will initiate anyone willing to be open to the mystery of the human voice, traditional dance, and stirring music full of life.