Robert Kružík replaces Maxim Emelyanychev

This week's subscription concerts will be conducted by thirty-two-year-old Czech conductor Robert Kružík. At the last minute, he replaces Maxim Yemelyanychev, who had to cancel his debut with the first Czech orchestra for personal reasons. The programme remains unchanged.

Image filmharmonie-valentyn-2022-web-193.jpg

Robert Kružík will not be standing in front of the Czech Philharmonic for the first time, even though he will debut as the conductor the entire subscription programme. He has been working with the orchestra as an assistant since 2017. He has prepared the Czech Philharmonic for the Prague Spring Festival concerts and recently conducted special concerts for the partners of the first Czech orchestra. In 2020, he became the second laureate of the Jiří Bělohlávek Prize for artists under thirty years of age.

In his subscription premiere, Robert Kružík will perform together with the young Israeli pianist Tom Borrow. He returns to the Czech Philharmonic a year after his successful debut. During his last guest appearance Tom Borrow played Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 24, now he returns with Beethoven's Fourth Concerto.

"Beethoven’s Fourth Concerto is a piece that looks ahead to the Romantic period, although it’s still very much rooted in Beethoven’s world. On the surface it seems very joyful, especially in the third movement, but right from the start, from the first movement and even though it’s written in a major key, the seeming positivity covers an ache of sadness." - Tom Borrow