Daniel Mikolášek


In Czech Philharmonic
since July

Also plays in
Michal Hromek Consort

Image daniel-mikolášek.jpg

His career in music may have already been decided as he was born close to the tower where Czech composer Bohuslav Martinů grew up. Aged six, he started playing the piano in the local music school but his brothers needed a drummer for their band which motivated him to start attending percussion lessons. The music school in Pardubice also offered xylophone classes, which was quite unusual for that time, and he thus repeatedly succeeded in national competitions for music school students and gained the enthusiasm necessary for further studies. At the age of ten, he went to France for a two-month stay with the members of Les Percussions de Strasbourg.

He studied percussions at the Prague Conservatory with Vladimír Vlasák, Stanislav Hojný and Václav Mazáček. He finished in 1980 and started his compulsory military service as the timpanist of the Military Art Ensemble of Vít Nejedlý. At the same time, he continued with his organ studies with Professor Jiří Ropek. Back then, both the percussion and organ classes were held in the Rudolfinum and he has never left the building’s “catacombs” since. Joining the Czech Philharmonic was a dream come true for him as he has always been more of a team player and not really keen on pursuing a solo career. Playing in a symphony orchestra also satisfied his passion for the colours of sound and diversity.

He does not mind other genres as well. He premiered a number of pieces by his schoolmates who compose music, has collaborated with ensembles specialising in contemporary music such as AGON and MOENS and played with a dance band. He occasionally performs with Berg orchestra and participates in chamber and solo projects including Atelier 90 and Studio N. He is the head of the Percussions Department at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and conducts a non-professional church choir in Prague - Smíchov.