Are you coming to get your tickets? Stop by the shop for new gems

For the start of the pre-sale of tickets for the upcoming 128th season, we have prepared a surprise for you. We have expanded our philharmonic collection of wooden jewellery and accessories made from the boards of the former Dvořák Hall stage with some fabulous pieces.

Image drevene_sperky_12_-c-_petrahajska.jpg

When we started reconstructing the stage of the Dvořák Hall in the summer, we were clear about one thing. The boards on which the Czech Philharmonic has played for over three decades cannot end up in the stove. We therefore decided to make a limited collection of accessories from the wood that has witnessed performances by the world's greatest artists.

The original set, which can be found both in the Rudolfinum shop and online in our e-shop, is now joined by new cufflinks, a chain with a Rudolfinum Brilliant pendant and the Heart of Rudolfinum necklace. Due to the great interest we have expanded the number of chess sets by another 100 pieces.

Finally, we recommend the vinyl set My Homeland, which, although not made of podium wood, hides the tones carried through Dvořák Hall perfectly.


Elegant cufflinks were created by the hands of woodworkers from BeWooden. The company specializes in wooden products, so each piece is of the highest quality. The cufflinks are minimalist, lightweight and will complement a suit or tuxedo perfectly.

Image manzetove-knoflicky-obdelnikove-hires-c-luciekrejzlova-2.jpg

Heart of Rudolfinum

The jewellery consists of a stainless steel hoop and an artistically carved wooden pendant. The design was created in collaboration with the designer of the KO-RA-LE brand Maria Poláčková. The necklace is light, elegant and gracefully complements casual clothing and evening gowns.

Image nahrdelniky-z-podia-webres-c-luciekrejzlova-13.jpg

Rudolfinum Brilliant

Design necklace Rudolfinský brilliant was designed by jeweler Marie Poláčková, author of the brand KO-RA-LE. The chain made of surgical steel, the length of which can be adjusted at will, bears an irregularly shaped pendant with polished surfaces that have retained the texture of the boards of the former stage.

Image nahrdelniky-z-podia-webres-c-luciekrejzlova-16.jpg

Chess set

In cooperation with Zdar company we made unique chess sets from the boards of the stage.  It combines the beauty of the Rudolfinum with the memories of thirty years of performing. Small scratches or punctures from the spikes of cellos and double basses bring the authentic atmosphere of Dvořák Hall to every move.

Image sachy-webres-c-luciekrejzlova-17.jpg

My Homeland - vinyl set

Vinyl set My Homeland contains 3 LP records mastered by sound experts at GZ Media Loděnice. In a limited edition of 1250 pieces it is released as the first ever audio recording under the Czech Phil Media label.

Image lp-ma-vlast-hires-c-luciekrejzlova-3.jpg