Il Polifemo • Collegium 1704

Beginning of subscription tickets sale: 11 April 2023. Beginning of individual tickets sale: 1 June 2023.

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G. F. Handel
Aci, Galatea e Polifemo HWV 49a
- Sibillar gli angui d’Aletto
- Fra l’ombre e gli orrori

N. Porpora
Opera Il Polifemo
- M’accendi in sen col guardo

J. G. Schürer
La Galatea, serenata
- Dalla spelonca uscite
- Se scordato il primo amore


Luigi De Donato bass
Václav Luks conductor
Collegium 1704

Photo illustrating the event Il Polifemo Collegium 1704

Rudolfinum — Dvořák Hall

Tickets and contact information

Beginning of subscription tickets sale: 11 April 2023
Beginning of individual tickets sale: 1 June 2023

Polyphemus, a cyclops of ancient Greek legend with one eye and three fingers on each hand, became a central figure in many myths and in their musical settings by Baroque composers. This son of Poseidon, a giant of insurmountable strength, appears in many fables, the best known of which are his encounters Odysseus during the hero’s homeward journey and with Theseus, who kills Polyphemus. The Italian bass Luigi De Donato has the right voice and temperament to represent the ideal embodiment of Polyphemus, and together with Collegium 1704 he will be appearing in Prague for the premiere of a concert project that will breathe life into ancient Greek legends.

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