Fun Folk Customs for the Whole Year

The program for children is based on a musical part but also on a spoken word that will be given in Czech language only. The program will not be supplied with English subtitles.

Subscription series Fš | Education programs | Duration of the programme 1 hour 30 minutes | For preschools and schools


Every part of the workshop topically combines music and movement activities with the current season. Instructors Monika Václová and Kateřina Klementová also offer teachers instructional materials prepared for follow-up activities for use at school.

Photo illustrating the event Fun Folk Customs for the Whole Year

Rudolfinum — Suk Hall

Price 500 Kč (only subscription) | Capacity 40-50 children Tickets and contact information

Group bookings for schools and preschools at  from 1st June.

This series of workshops is based on traditional folk riddles, songs, and dances from the legacy of Pavel Jurkovič and on the conviction that folk poetry is timeless and still relevant as well as an embodiment of the wisdom of our great-grandparents. The effective use of this material attracts the youngest school pupils and their playful teachers. The common motif for all of the gatherings is the vine wreath, a symbol of time and eternity, which we decorate together each time we meet.