Alfred Brendel: Schubert’s Last Sonatas

„Schubert may well be the most astonishing phenomenon in musical history,“ says Alfred Brendel. „The richness of what he accomplished in a life of merely thirty-one years defies comparison. The works composed between 1822 and 1828 take us from the Wanderer Fantasy to the last B flat Sonata. They are worthy of superlative honours.“

Duration of the programme 1 hours

Photo illustrating the event Alfred Brendel: Schubert’s Last Sonatas

Rudolfinum — Suk Hall

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"There are, within the output of some composers, triads of compositions that bring certain classes of works to a conclusion. The realization that –next to Mozart’s last symphonies and Beethoven’s last sonatas – Schubert’s piano sonatas in c minor, A major and B flat major belong to the handful of such peak achievements has come remarkably late. It took an inordinately long time until players and audiences discovered these pieces. Why have they now become so particularly cherished? What had kept them away from us until a few decades ago? What are their distinguishing features? What happens when great composers create several works next to one another? What are the differences, what the connections? And are these works, conceived so close to Schubert’s death, really documents of a musical farewell?"



Alfred Brendel

Jan Bartoš piano