Alfred Brendel: Beethoven’s Last Sonatas and his late Style

„What other composer has covered, within his life, such vast musical distances? And which master managed, as Beethoven did in his late music, to weld together present, past and future, the sublime and the profane?“

Duration of the programme 1 hours

Photo illustrating the event Alfred Brendel: Beethoven’s Last Sonatas and his late Style

Rudolfinum — Suk Hall

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"There has been much analysis of Beethoven’s sonatas Op. 109, 110, and 111. They conclude his series of piano sonatas and form an integral part of his late style, but what defines this late style? What other works accompany the creation of these pieces? Are they to be treated individually, or as a family of works? What should one make of Thomas Mann’s description of Op. 111? What characterizes these sonatas? What defines their endings? In this lecture, I shall attempt to answer these and other questions."



Alfred Brendel

Jan Bartoš piano

Boris Klepal host