Czech Philharmonic Piano Quintet

Ever since Antonín Dvořák conducted the first Czech Philharmonic concert in 1896, his name has been closely bound to the orchestra. Dvořák is not only a famous memory from the ensemble’s history but also the author of music which is still alive and the most popular with the orchestra players.

Subscription series TK | Duration of the programme 1 hours | Czech Philharmonic chamber ensembles


Antonín Dvořák

Miniatures fo Two Violins and Viola, op. 75a
Cavatina. Moderato

Terzetto, op. 74
Introduzione. Allegro ma non troppo

Bagatelles for Two Violins, Cello and Harmonium, op. 47
Allegretto scherzando

Piano Trio No. 4 e minor, op. 90 "Dumky"
Lento maestoso — Allegro quasi doppio movimento

Piano Quintet A major, op. 81
Allegro ma non tanto
Dumka. Andante con moto
Scherzo (Furiant)
Finale. Allegro


Czech Philharmonic Piano Quintet
Irena Jakubcová
first violin
Libor Vilímec second violin
Ondřej Kameš viola
Jan Keller cello
Markéta Janáčková piano

Photo illustrating the event Czech Philharmonic Piano Quintet

Rudolfinum — Suk Hall

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Czech Philharmonic Piano Quintet  

Czech Philharmonic Piano Quintet