Zdeněk Zelba


In Czech Philharmonic
since January 1995

Also plays in
Czech Philharmonic Cimbalom Ensemble
Czech Philharmonic Collegium

Image zdeněk-zelba-ii.jpg

He studied at the Prague Conservatory with Professor Voldanová, later at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague with Professor Novák. He has always been keen on chamber and folklore music. After leaving the Conservatory, he played with the Musica Bohemica ensemble focusing on baroque and folk music. As a member of the Czech Philharmonic, he has also collaborated with the Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra and the Czech Philharmonic Collegium. In 1993–1995, he was the concertmaster of the Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra Camerata Bregenz in Austria.

He also composes music, he wrote music for the theatre (Theatre of Music, Prague in the 1990s), for the Czech Television (Brundibár documentary film, 2005) and recording (Prague Tandelmarkt, 2001). He focuses on arranging folk songs (Chorea Bohemica, Šarbilah, Czech Philharmonic Cimbalom Ensemble).