The Rudolfinum without Barriers

Wheelchair access, wheelchair spaces and blind access. Everyone is welcome to visit the Rudolfinum without exception.

Wheelchair access (elevator) to the Dvořák Hall

can be found behind the ticket offices (access from 17. listopadu Street). It is always open for one hour before the concert, before the preludes of evening subscription concerts from 6 p.m. There is also an internal staircase with a handrail leading from the box office area. The elevator can also be accessed from the underground garage area.

See the building plans 

Places for wheelchairs

are located on the edges of the 1st row of the ground floor of Dvořák Hall. In the Suk Hall, wheelchair spaces are located on the inner edges of the 5th rows of the left and right wings of the auditorium.

See the building plans

For disabled access to the Suk Hall and the Rudolfinum Gallery

you can use the elevator next to the entrance to the gallery. The elevator is operated by the concierge staff that can be summoned by pressing the button on site.

See the building plans

It is also possible for the blind with guide dogs to enter the hall.

In case of problems with climbing the stairs to the balcony, please ask the staff for assistance.

Need some advice? Czech Philharmonic Customer Service will assist you

Every weekday 9.00-18.00. In July and August until 15.00.

On the day of the concert of the Czech Philharmonic until the beginning of the concert. Valid for weekdays only.