Film music concert SCI-FI • Filmová filharmonie

Others | Duration of the programme 2 hours 30 minutes


Alan Silvestri
Back to the Future III - End Credits

Jerry Goldsmith
Alien - Main Title, Hyper Sleep

Ennio Morricone
Mission to Mars - A Martian

Ludwig Göransson
The Mandalorian - Main Theme

John Williams
A. I. Artificial Intelligence - The Reunion

Alan Silvestri
Predator - Main Title, Jungle Trek, First Arrow

Jerry Goldsmith
Star Trek VIII: First Contact - End Credits


Jerry Goldsmith
Total Recall - The Dream  

James Newton Howard
Signs - Main Titles, Hand of Fate Pt. I

Hans Zimmer
Inception - Welcome Home Mr. Cobb

James Horner
The Rocketeer - End Credits

Michael Giacchino
Star Trek Into Darkness - Suite

Hans Zimmer
Interstellar - Suite

John Williams
Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope - Main Title


Filmová filharmonie
Ondřej Vrabec conductor

Photo illustrating the event Film music concert SCI-FI • Filmová filharmonie

Rudolfinum — Dvořák Hall

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