Coffee with Antonín D.

Let's go back in time a century and a half. By looking at what life was like back then, how people dressed, their manners, and how they talked, we bring ourselves to the time when Antonín Dvořák was living. We will experience Dvořák's music together through movement activities and undisturbed listening.

Education programs | Duration of the programme 2 hours | For preschools and schools


Kateřina Klementová, Monika Václová, Hana Brummelová instructors

Photo illustrating the event Coffee with Antonín D.

Rudolfinum — Suk Hall

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Price 170 CZK | Capacity of 32 participants Tickets and contact information

Group bookings for schools and preschools at  from 1st June.

The programme is based on a musical part but also on a spoken word that will be given in Czech language only. The programme will not be supplied with English subtitles.