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The Orchestra in Pieces

A tasting of the most original and interesting philharmonic menu items for gourmets big and small

A wonderful opportunity to learn about the many instruments of the orchestra one after the other and to meet the players of the Czech Philharmonic and their guests. The guide for all of the concerts at Dvořák Hall will be Klára Boudalová.

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7–10 years

Prague Cello Quartet

13 October 2017

Four boys, four times four strings and four bows. Yes, a sleeper cell of cellists! And if you’re interested in how many different refined sounds are hidden in their instruments, don’t miss this chance to discover the secrets of the cello!


Double reed show with bassoonists and oboists

15 November 2017

Where can you find a bell, a boot, a wing, and a crook all in one place? Do you give up? On a bassoon! Not only is this instrument made of parts with odd sounding names; it’s also indispensible if you want to play the sound of a helicopter taking  off. On this concert, it will be joined by its close relative the oboe.


An Advent concert with angels on high

30 November 2017

What instrument is played by angels on high? And what is the most heavenly of all instruments? The glorious harp or the triumphant sounding trumpet? Or the thunderous, majestic organ? And what if you join in with your own voice? Yes, there will be carol singing, so warm up your vocal chords!


Prague Baroque Ensemble

11 January 2018

This will truly be a lavish musical feast! After all, where else should one find true delicacies (and not only musical ones) than at a royal court? We will be choosing truly superb pieces worthy of the ears of princes and princesses; you will be transformed into royalty during our concert!


Percussionists of the Czech Philharmonic

2 May 2018

Which players in the philharmonic can play on the most different instruments? That’s right, percussionists! They can play countless more or less odd instruments, from the triangle to something called a “gourd”. Discover the secret contents of the collection of percussion instruments with Czech Philharmonic players and their apprentices.


Orchestral Academy of the Czech Philharmonic

22 June 2018

If we’ve so far just been having a taste of musical chocolates, now there is a whole candy store waiting for us. This time, the instruments we have been getting to know individually will all appear on stage at the same time. And they will be joined by a very important person – a conductor! If he reminds you of a wizard, it’s no coincidence. What magic tricks does he have up his sleeve this time?


Practical information

  • A series of concerts for school groups (pupils in elementary school grades 1–4).
  • The price of a ticket to an individual concert is CZK 120, and the price of a subscription is CZK 500.
  • Teachers accompanying children are admitted free of charge.
  • Reserve tickets at the e-mail address: edu(zavinac)
  • Each programme lasts 50–60 minutes.