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The four elements

In this season’s playful workshops, we will be accompanied by the indomitable, all-powerful elements. Water, earth, fire, and air – four meetings on the four basic elements of life on the planet Earth. After all, every musician is a bit of an alchemist. And sometimes, mixing the right ingredients together so the music sounds just right is really a science, but it’s always a great adventure!

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7–10 years

We begin each encounter in the Suk Hall at the Rudolfinum, where we draw the children and their teachers into the topic for the entire morning with a playful format. The group programme is always connected with 3–4 interactive workshops (for smaller groups of pupils) full of topically interrelated vocal, movement, instrumental, and visual arts activities. In addition, you can look forward to the traditional concluding – and this time definitely elemental – musical five-minute session.

Rudolfinum – Suk Hall, always at 9:30 a.m.


  • Klára Boudalová, Michaela Králová, Egli Prifti, Karolína Rachačová (1st & 2nd grades)
  • Eva Filipová, Jan Kyjovský, Monika Nováková, Dominika Prokopová (3rd & 4th grades)

First two dates of each programme are designated to first and second grades, the other dates to third and fourth grades.

Čtyři živly: oheň


Music can be fiery, and hot rhythms can be captivating. You don’t think so? Come with us and get the Rudolfinum dancing and clapping to the rhythms of Ravel’s Bolero and of Spanish and Romany folk music.


October – November 2016

Čtyři živly: vzduch


What does a mute do?! What about valves – are they like the kind in a car engine?! What holds a reed on a clarinet?! And what is a slide if it’s not on a playground?! What is the difference between a muzzle and a mouthpiece? Our second afternoon together will reveal all of the tricks to playing wind instruments! And if you know how to play the flute, don’t forget to bring one along!


November – December 2016

Čtyři živly: voda


It seems that composers often go to the sea or go fishing while on holiday. How else would one explain that we find musical motifs of water in Baroque, Romantic, and even completely modern music? Come with us to examine the most water-loving composers.


March – April 2017

Čtyři živly: země


This time, we’ll be keeping our feet firmly on the ground – or even rooted underground. Our guide in the realm of mysterious gnomes will be none other than Peer Gynt! And do you think that gnomes have nothing to do with the Czech Philharmonic? Wrong! We’ve found lots of them hidden in the depths of our music archives!


May – June 2017

Practical information

  • Programme length: ca. 120 minutes.
  • We offer this series only as a subscription.
  • The price for a subscription is CZK 320.
  • The capacity of the workshop is for 80 children.
  • Teachers accompanying children are admitted free of charge.
  • Reserve tickets for schools at the e-mail address edu(zavinac)