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Four steps to the New World

A world full of voices

Curiosities and mysteries of major works by great composers. This time, there will be vocal music ranging from Bach to Orff with commentary, enlightening explanations, audio exhibits, and an accompanying brochure.

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Dvořák: Te Deum and Biblical Songs

October 2017

It is a little-known fact that Antonín Dvořák wrote his solemn Te Deum for Americans who were celebrating the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America in the autumn of 1892; at the work’s premiere in New York, it was sung by nearly 250 voices. Like the Te Deum, the Biblical Songs are intended to glorify God, but in a much more personal way. And instead of hundreds of singers, they will be sung by just one. Special guest of the Four Steps programme – the bass Richard Novák.



Mozart: Requiem

January 2018

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart did not finish his Requiem. He wrote it on commission while he was ill, but death was faster… Mozart died before he turned 36 years old. What is this, one of Mozart’s most famous compositions, really all about? What would the work sound like in its unfinished form? And in what spirit was it completed after the composer’s death?


Bach: St Matthew Passion

April 2018

From 1723, Johann Sebastian Bach was responsible for the musical life of Leipzig as the cantor at the St Thomas Church. Although he was writing immortal music, he was not treated as a genius who was accommodated by everyone. He tended to be at odds with the Leipzig city fathers. One of his duties was to compose liturgical music for the St Thomas Church, writing a new work on a weekly basis. 


Orff: Carmina Burana

June 2018

“Fickle fortune toys with the world…” These words appear at the very beginning of the most famous work by the twentiethcentury German composer Carl Orff. He set students’ texts to music as well as texts by wandering medieval musicians from the eleventh through the thirteenth centuries, written in Old German, Old French, Italian, and Latin.


Practical information

  • A series of concerts for school children (2nd grade of elementary school) and secondary school students.
  • The price of tickets to individual concerts is CZK 150, and the subscription price is CZK 500 – 1200.
  • The cost of the ticket includes a programme brochure and a voucher for downloading music.
  • Teachers accompanying children are admitted free of charge.
  • Reserve tickets at the e-mail address: edu(zavinac)
  • The length of the programme is ca. 120 minutes (with an intermission).