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Romano Drom

Ida Kelarová

On that long journey, on the Romano Drom (The Romani Way), we have already had many experiences. Some of us have stumbled, but the majority have understood that not even failure is a reason to leave the path. Many people want to help the Romani, but they give up the first time they run into difficulties. I am glad that the Czech Philharmonic is continuing down this thorny path of education for a third year, and yet I am aware that this journey towards understanding may still take several generations. In fact, it never ends.

Photo illustrating page

After two stays in eastern Slovakia in the summers of 2014 and 2015, Romano Drom was moved to the regions of Šluknov, Nový Bor, and Děčín in August of 2016. During the first two weeks of August 2017, nearly sixty children and youths will be visiting the Vsetín region. In accordance with tradition, Romano Drom will climax with a few
concerts in the local towns and ghettos. There will be a strong emphasis on developing the children’s legal awareness and behavior in cooperation with the Street Law team from the Charles University Faculty of Law.


Vsetín, ghetto Poschla
8 August 2017, 6.00pm

Uherské Hradiště, main square
9 August 2017, 8.00pm

Valašské Meziříčí, amfiteátr letního kina
10 August 2017, 8.00pm