A Game of Quartet

A Game of Quartet or The Philharmonic, This Time from Up Close

Three encounters with musicians of the Czech Philharmonic. In smaller groups. A playful, interactive approach. A new, unique series of workshops for parents with children. We offer the programme only in the Czech language without subtitles.

5–10 years

Czech Bassoon Quartet

Where can you find bell, a boot, a wing, and a crook all in one place? That’s right, on a bassoon! You will enjoy the sounds that this little-known instrument makes! And who will be brave enough to try blowing a note on one?


Prague Cello Quartet

Did you know that to make a cello, you need a part of a horse? Or that cello players often suffer from painful “tennis elbow”? Our musicians will reveal everything to you about their instruments, and they will also play lots of pieces ranging from the classics to popular songs!


Horn Quartet

The horn is not the highest pitched brass instrument, but it often carries the melody. You will get to hear for yourself all of the things that this fascinating instrument can do – and it definitely is not just for hunters to frighten deer and hares!


Practical information

  • We offer the series only as a subscription.
  • The price of a subscription for children (the recommended age range is 6-8) is CZK 300 and CZK 500 for adults.
  • The maximum capacity for the workshop is 50 parents and 50 children.
  • Tickets are sold at the Czech Philharmonic ticket office in the Rudolfinum, online at ceskafilharmonie.cz, or in the network colosseumticket.cz.
  • Reservations can be made on line or through Customer Service.
  • The program is ca. 120 minutes long (with an intermission).