Subscription Series

“It is the time of the year to welcome you back to our new season. The result is mosaic of artistic events involving a variety of repertoire and artists who identify with what they interpret. At its heart is the idea that every project is an artistic event that will enrich our lives. It is what you need from us, and what we expect from ourselves: discovery, coherence and quality.”

Semyon Bychkov, Music Director and Chief Conductor

Six evening concerts Subscription Series A

Subscription Series A • Six evening concerts

Subscription Series A offers a highly varied selection of concerts in terms of the choice of composers, the combination of Czech and foreign music, and the introduction of five conductors and a large number of soloists.

Six evening concerts Subscription Series B

Subscription Series B • Six evening concerts

Series B consists of “balancing”. Some of the concerts set out daringly into the music of the 20th and 21st centuries, while others fall back on the true classics of the repertoire.

Four evening and afternoon concerts Subscription Series C

Subscription Series C • Four evening and afternoon concerts

Taking the baton will be a violinist, two prominent American musicians, and the orchestra’s chief conductor – thus, the conductors will be the defining characteristic of Series C.

Four afternoon concerts Subscription Series K

Subscription Series K • Four afternoon concerts

The series of four concerts by the Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra premiered last season. This project was a success with its variable ensemble consisting exclusively of members of the Czech Philharmonic, and we are again using the same model this season. All of the Czech Philharmonic concertmasters participate as artistic supervisors, rehearsing and leading the orchestra for three of the concerts.

 Subscription Series M

Subscription Series M

In accordance with tradition, the special concerts for the 124th season include two opening concerts, a programme for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, plus a special project arising from the second run of the Czech Philharmonic Composition Competition.

Public dress rehearsals Subscription Series G

Subscription Series G • Public dress rehearsals

The 124th season of the Czech Philharmonic will offer a total of seven afternoon public dress rehearsals. Each rehearsal will be introduced by a few words from one of the players of the Czech Philharmonic.

Four evening concerts Subscription Series 4K

Subscription Series 4K • Four evening concerts

The great composers create music that allows us to look into our souls – into that mysterious place where people’s lives are projected and from which they are directed at the same time – their thoughts, feelings, decisions, and struggles.

Morning concerts for children with parents Subscription Series FP

Subscription Series FP • Morning concerts for children with parents

On this exciting trip in a time machine, we examine what music was heard on Prague’s streets and what tunes people where whistling as they walked. So get ready and hold on tight… we’re starting the machine! But we’ll have to be careful not to go all the way back to the days of the dinosaurs!

 Subscription Series AK

Subscription Series AK

Advent Sundays have traditionally been an opportunity to attend afternoon concerts at the Suk Hall. These programmes, with their Christmas theme and more popular mood, are presented by chamber ensembles of players from the Czech Philharmonic.

 Subscription Series LS

Subscription Series LS

The fifth season of the joint subscription series of the Czech Philharmonic and the National Theatre.

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