The Little Rudolfinum
Little Orffestra

Czech Philharmonic

Come along with us and try out some of the vast arsenal of Orff instruments. What is a song accompaniment like? How important is the conductor? What is the difference between a glockenspiel and a xylophone? And what’s the right way to hold a mallet when playing? Become members of the Little Orffestra for 45 minutes with the Czech Philharmonic.

Musical workshops for children at 3–6 (7) years of age

For schools
Duration of the programme 50 min
Rudolfinum — Suk Hall


Česká republika Praha 1 Alšovo nábřeží 12 110 00
Thu 22 Nov 2018 / 9.00am
Thu 22 Nov 2018 / 10.00am
Thu 22 Nov 2018 / 11.00am
Fri 1 Mar 2019 / 9.00am
Fri 1 Mar 2019 / 10.00am
Fri 1 Mar 2019 / 11.00am

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