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Oboe ears

Czech Philharmonic

Do you know which instrument the violins, basses, clarinets, and all of the other instruments of the orchestra have to listen to before a concert begins? Which instrument of the orchestra plays the tuning note? That’s right, it’s the oboe! And do you know what the oboe’s great grandmother was called? Can you solve musical riddles just using your ea

Education programs
Duration of the programme 50 min

The programme will focus mainly on listening activities, although there will be no lack of movement. With the help of the oboe (and English horn), we will differentiate between different noises and sounds and get to know long/short notes, loud/soft, happy/sad melodies, calm/energetic, lullabies and marches… The emphasis is on developing the ability to listen with the imagination and to analyze what one hears.


With lecturer Veronika Lucassen hoboe player Vladislav Borovka.

Photo illustrating the event Oboe ears Rudolfínek
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