Photo illustrating page  Penguins at the Rudolfinum Pavel Liška

Pavel Liška • Penguins at the Rudolfinum

Czech Philharmonic

The programme for children is based on a musical part but also on a spoken word that will be given in Czech language only. The program will not be supplied with English subtitles.

Education programs
Duration of the programme 1 hod
For children and parents


Because of their tailcoats, orchestra musicians somewhat resemble penguins, especially when seen with the eyes of children. For the seventh time, the actor Pavel Liška will be examining the world of orchestral musicians and their music. And naturally, there will be a curious and enthusiastic audience of children. Together, they have already discovered what different kinds of music sound like, what a conductor is needed for, and why one does not talk at concerts. But they have also been able to experience what it is like to conduct an orchestra, to sing “Let’s Rejoice and Be Merry” from The Bartered Bride accompanied by an orchestra, to create the newest music together with the musicians of the Philharmonic, or to witness a performance by a blind pianist. You are invited to a new, entertaining, and educational programme by Alice Nellis for parents with children!


Pavel Liška

Alice Nellis
author and director

Vojtěch Jouza

Czech Student Philharmonic

Photo illustrating the event Pavel Liška Penguins at the Rudolfinum

Rudolfinum — Dvorak Hall

18 Nov 2018  Sunday 2.00pm
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