Penguins at the Rudolfinum
For parents and children

Czech Philharmonic

In an entertaining and exciting musical laboratory, Pavel Liška, the conductor Vojtěch Jouza, and the Czech Student Philharmonic will reveal the secrets of classical music and the life of an orchestra. A concert for parents with children.

Education programs
Duration of the programme 1 hod
Rudolfinum — Dvorak Hall


Czech Republic Praha 1

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Tel.:  +420 227 059 227

Because of their tailcoats, the musicians in the orchestra somewhat resemble penguins, especially when one looks at them with the eyes of children. For the fifth time, the actor Pavel Liška will be examining the world of orchestral musicians and their music. And naturally, there will be a curious and enthusiastic audience of children. Together, they have already discovered how different various kinds of music sound, what a conductor is needed for, and why one does not talk at concerts. But they have also been able to experience what it is like to conduct an orchestra, to sing “Proč bychom se netěšili” (“Let’s Rejoice and Be Merry” from The Bartered Bride) accompanied by an orchestra, or to create the newest music together with the musicians of the Philharmonic. You are invited to a brand new, fun, and educational programme by Alice Nellis for young schoolchildren and for parents with children!