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A SPECIAL CONCERT IN CELEBRATION OF INTERNATIONAL ROMANI DAY Nearly 300 participants from the CzechRepublic and Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, and Austria will be musically celebrating International Romani Day, which falls on 8 April. Since the day was declared in 1990, it has been commemorated in many countries not only by the Romani people t

Education programs
Duration of the programme 2 hod 30 min


World premiere of a composition by Lelo Nika for two accordions and symphony orchestra.

Traditional and contemporary Romani music. Choral and solo compositions by Desiderius Dužda.


Lelo Nika, Lelo Nika Jr.

George Mihalache

Miladin Merzan

Taraf de Caliu

Ivan Herák and band


Čhavorenge Children’s Choir 

Guests: EOLAB II Children’s Choir (Romani children from the Chrudim and Vysoké Mýto regions), Hradišťánek, Pueri Gaudentes Boys’ Choir, SONG – Choir of the MasarykGrammar School in Vsetín, Choir of the Elementary School of the Arts in Varnsdorf 

Ida Kelarová

Czech Student Philharmonic

Marko Ivanović


Jazz trio: Ondrej Krajňák, Marian Ševčík, Tomáš Baroš 

Ida Kelarová
solo vocals

Desiderius Dužda
vocals and guitar

Oto Bunda
solo vocals

Julia Kozáková
solo vocals

Tomáš Bystrý

Photo illustrating the event Czech Philharmonic Šun Devloro

Rudolfinum — Dvorak Hall

7 Apr 2019  Sunday 5.00pm
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8 Apr 2019  Monday 8.20pm
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