Chamber Orchestra of the CP
Jaroslav Krček

Czech Philharmonic
Subscription series K
Duration of the programme 1 hod 30 min
Rudolfinum — Dvorak Hall


Czech Republic Praha 1

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When the name Jaroslav Krček is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the ensemble Musica Bohemica, which he founded forty-four years ago. On top of that, Jaroslav Krček is celebrating his eightieth birthday this year! Sometimes, someone is called a “Renaissance man” who is not truly deserving. In the case of Jaroslav Krček, the opposite is the case. “Renaissance man” hardly suffices to capture everything that has brought fulfilment to Jaroslav Krček’s rich life. He has been a conductor, a composer, a player of countless musical instruments, a singer, a music director, and even an instrument maker. Everyone who has been fortunate enough to come into contact with him has experienced a torrent of irresistibly vital energy, optimism, an unstoppable desire for musical perfection, and an inexhaustible wellspring of musical ideas. Whether involving himself with folk music, historical music, adapting original folk material, composing, conducting, or directing, Jaroslav Krček has always drawn people to himself as a popular and sought-after colleague. He has had many musical friendships with players of the Czech Philharmonic, so it is our honour and pleasure to celebrate he eightieth birthday together with him. And as is typical of him, rather than accepting a gift, he has instead given four women from our orchestra a brand new composition, which will be given its world premiere.