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Ida Kelarová

Czech Philharmonic

Ida Kelarová and the wonderful young singers from the choir Čhavorenge initiate us into the mysteries of the human voice and Romany music. Workshops for elementary school children in grades 1–3 , 4–5, or 6–9 or for secondary school students.

Education programs
Duration of the programme 2 hod 30 min

The phenomenal singer, choirmaster, and teacher Ida Kelarová, her team, and the members of the Čhavorenge Children’s Choir will initiate everyone who is interested into the secrets of the human voice, Romany culture, and stirring Romany music.


Ida Kelarová


Photo illustrating the event Romany’n’roll Ida Kelarová
Rudolfinum — Suk Hall
30 May 2017  Tuesday — 9.30am
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31 May 2017  Wednesday — 9.30am
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Practical information

  • Programme length: 120–150 minutes.
  • The ticket price is CZK 100.
  • The maximum number of pupils at one workshop is 80.
  • Teachers accompanying children are admitted free of charge.
  • Reserve tickets at the e-mail address edu(zavinac)