Czech Philharmonic
Katia a Marielle Labèque

Czech Philharmonic

This entire programme could be given the title “Double”. You will be hearing a unique collection of three different works that share the theme of musical pairs in different forms and treatments.

Subscription series B
Duration of the programme 2 hod
Rudolfinum — Dvorak Hall


Czech Republic Praha 1

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“Double” or affinity by choice (or otherwise): this is how one might characterise the connections and parallels between works on today’s programme. This also applies to some degree to the fates and artistic creeds of the works’ composers, so that is why “or otherwise” is written in parentheses. Depending upon the context, “double” can mean “dual”, “multiplied by two”, or even a look-alike; in musical terminology, the word meant “variation” during the Baroque period, and in the title of a composition it also refers to a work’s relationship to the concerto grosso genre. All of these meanings of the word “double” are employed by the two composers for the works being played this evening.

Concert on the 24th of January will be broadcasted live on Mezzo Live HD