The orchestra in pieces

The orchestra in pieces  there and back again

A unique opportunity to get to know all the different instruments of the orchestra one after another and, along with the instruments, the players of the Czech Philharmonic. These events are held in the Dvořák Hall at the Rudolfinum. The moderator is Klára Boudalová.

7–10 years
Cimbálová muzika ČF
Cimbalom Ensemble of the Czech Philharmonic

12 September 2016

We will begin our musical travelogue in Bohemian villages. Did you know that in nearly every folk song, you are singing about love? And half of the songs are about unlucky love. Still, we promise there will be a happy ending. Wedding songs will come to the rescue… And don’t worry, you will also definitely get to sing!

Pražský barokní soubor
Prague Baroque Ensemble

10 November 2016

Who wouldn’t want to live in a castle! Come join us in investigating the private chambers of princesses and the secret passions – musical, that is – of princes. Incidentally, do you know what musical instruments were most popular at royal courts?

Nakara Trio
Nakara Trio

27 January 2017

This time we’re setting out on a real trip around the world. The peculiar word Nakara should take us to India (there, the word means “drum”) and possibly also to the land down under (there is a town there by that name). And all of this comes with originally composed music spiced with jazz and world music.

Escualo Kvintet
Escualo Quintet

21 April 2017

Music full of the southern sun, musicians full of southern temperament, and the fiery rhythms of the Argentinean tango. A musical excursion that will get you in the mood early for the summer holiday and will warm up even those with the coldest of personalities.

Chambre Ensemble ČF
Czech Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble

16 June 2017

The climax of the exciting musical travels is an excursion to the depths of music itself. We will be discovering the hidden recesses that are known only to the best performers and composers. But don’t worry; we will initiate you into these mysteries as well. And in the end, you will get to try out for yourselves what it’s like to invent your own music!

Practical information
  • A series of concerts for school groups (pupils in elementary school grades 1–4).
  • The price of a ticket to an individual concert is CZK 120, and the price of a subscription is CZK 500.
  • Teachers accompanying children are admitted free of charge.
  • Reserve tickets at the e-mail address: edu(zavinac)
  • Each programme lasts 50–60 minutes.