Musical workshops for preschool children aged 4-6 with lecturers Veronika Lucassen and Jan Kyjovský and members of the Czech Philharmonic Jana Boušková, Jana Kubánková, Vladislav Borovka and Pavel Polívka. Rudolfinum – Suk or Dvořák Hall, Western Lounge.

4–6 years
Malé (nejen) hudební řádění
A little musical (and other) fun

October – December 2016

What’s it like to play at the Rudolfinum? Not to play hide and seek, but to play in an orchestra, for example? Which way do the players in the Czech Philharmonic go to get on stage, and how loud can the applause for the conductor be? What animal does one find on the coat of arms in the main concert hall? What does it look like inside the Presidential Lounge? And how much echo is there on the balcony? Come have some fun with us in various parts of the Rudolfinum.

Pelíšek plný bicích
A lair full of percussion

November 2016 – January 2017

Become apprentice magicians in the percussion kingdom, where the magician Pavel Polívka lives. Everyone will feel safe there, like in a lair, even if there happens to a frightful atmosphere at the moment inside the Rudolfinum, with rumbling thunder, rain, or a stampede of horses. We will also encounter some stray, disobedient tympani, the crashing of ocean waves, cuckoos and other birds, and peaceful herds of sheep and cattle. After all, percussion instruments can make all of these sounds – and much more.

Hravá harfa
The playful harp

November 2016 – January 2017

How much does a harp weigh? And how many strings does it have? How many fingers do you need to play the harp? And do you know that the harp can make lots of magical sounds? Our harpist Jana Boušková will show you everything. And with the accompaniment of the harp, we will even go dancing on the bridge of Avignon!

Ouška (h)oboje
Oboe ears

February – March 2017

Do you know which instrument the violins, basses, clarinets, and all of the other instruments of the orchestra have to listen to before a concert begins? Which instrument of the orchestra plays the tuning note? That’s right, it’s the oboe! And do you know what the oboe’s great grandmother was called? Can you solve musical riddles just using your ears? And how hard can you blow? Did you know that oboists have to be skilled at woodworking? Come meet Vladislav Borovka, an oboist with the Czech Philharmonic.

Bystrý lišák Leoš
The cunning fox Leoš

March – April 2017

Turn into a cunning little fox and run to Tábor with us (like in the Czech folksong). Along the way, we will encounter singing animals, and we will also pay a visit to Leoš Janáček. Some people say his music is too complicated for children – but that’s not the case at all! Come and see for yourselves. We promise that in the end, you will all become enthusiastic fans of little Leoš.

Hou, hou, housle jdou
Fee, fi, fiddle, fum

May – June 2017

How many strings are there on a violin? What do you use to play the violin? And how many animals can you count on a violin? Where is the bridge? And the neck? And the mute? And does it hurt your ears if someone is playing the violin right beside you? And where does a violin sleep? This is all very easy to learn, especially with the violinist Jana Kubánková. And if we’re lucky, we’ll even get to visit a violin doctor.

Practical information
  • Programme length: 45–50 minutes.
  • The programme is intended for pre-school children between 4 and 6 years of age or (by agreement) for individual children accompanied by parents.
  • The maximum capacity for a workshop is 25 children.
  • The ticket price is CZK 100. Teachers accompanying children are admitted free of charge.
  • Reserve tickets at the e-mail address edu(zavinac)
  • We also offer the Rudolfínek programmes in English.