Four steps to the New World

What does music actually express?

The curiosities and mysteries of the great works by famous composers. This time with music ranging from Beethoven to Steve Reich. With commentary and enlightening explanations. With audio and video exhibits. And with an accompanying brochure.

Čí je Má vlast? A co je česká hudba?
Whose Country is “My Country”? And What Is Czech Music?

October 2016

Movements from Smentana’s My Country and Dvořák’s New World Symphony. And also Romani music. Just listen to how it goes together. Performed by the Czech Student Philharmonic, the Čhavorenge Children’s Choir, Ida Kelarová, and Marko Ivanović.



Samá voda
Water, water, everywhere

December 2016

Nature has long provided inspiration to composers. There is also plenty of classical “water music”. We wish to compare what might be the two most famous water pieces: the saltwater music of La Mer by Debussy and the freshwater music of The Moldau by Smetana.

Politika a hudba
Politics and music

January 2017

Bedřich Smetana dedicated his Triumphal Symphony to Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria for his wedding. Verdi’s overture to the opera Nabucco stirred up Italian nationalistic passions. And Shostakovich composed his Festive Overture for the 37th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, while his Cello Concerto, which Tomáš Jamník will play for us, is viewed as the personal statement of a composer whose style was influenced (or marred) by the totalitarian Soviet regime.

Minimalismus a maximalismus
Minimalism and maximalism

May 2017

Are the composers of modern music who use “minimalist” musical means – such as Steve Reich – really so far off from Ludwig van Beethoven, whose music is understood as the unattainable ideal of compositional and humanitarian maximalism? Reich’s Eight Lines will be heard on the same concert together with a selection from Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony.

Practical information
  • A series of concerts for school children (2nd grade of elementary school) and secondary school students.
  • The price of tickets to individual concerts is CZK 120, and the subscription price is CZK 400.
  • The cost of the ticket includes a programme brochure and a voucher for downloading music.
  • Teachers accompanying children are admitted free of charge.
  • Reserve tickets at the e-mail address: edu(zavinac)
  • The length of the programme is ca. 120 minutes (with an intermission).